Patient Zero

Hi Battle Buddies

A devastating virus introduced into the population.

A vaccine that is to be exploited by the big Pharma Corporations.

Can the Human rebellion “The Oracles” find Patient Zero in time and extract the Cure or The Truth? Before “The Shadow” force can implement their de-population plans on Human Society.

Be part of the Solution!

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Be Strong, Stay True … Dibs out!


Battle for Hills 881 and 861

Hi Battle Buddies

Our next Scenario game takes us into the north west corner of South Vietnam.

Nestled in steep ravine and thick jungles, rests the now small peaceful Valley of Khe Sanh. But from January 21st to March 16th of 1967, the area set the scene for some of most highly publicized and bitterly fought battles of the Vietnam War.

For 70 days and nights, 6000 marines have to hold out a besieging North Vietnamese Army of 20 000.

This will be an Airsoft battle of hard gained battle territory.

Are you prepared to pay tribute and walk in the foot steps of the men and women who fought in one of the most controversial wars of all time?

Whether you play the invading out numbered US marines or battle hardened NVA, this will be an Airsoft Game that tests the true battle readiness in you.

Be part of the Action … 20 September 2020.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe … Dibs out!


The Super Cartel – INTEL

Hi Battle buddies

The week has started chilly but I guarantee the heat will be on for Sunday’s scenario game … The Super Cartel!

We will start in the Jungles of Colombia, where ICE Agents and Colombian Commandos take the fight to the source of there problem, the drug lords jungle growing fields, guarded by battle hardened Cartel private armies.

The action will then move to the upscale streets of Bogota. This is where ICE Agents set up a sting operation to capture the three infamous Cartel members, in an attempt to bring down the Super Cartel.

The Finale will take place in an upscale Mansion in Argentina. ICE Agents and DEA supported by local military make there final push on the Super Cartel.

Factions Available:

ICE Agents: Dress Code – civilian cloths with chest rig.

Colombian Commandos: Dress Code – Military Camo

Cartel fighters: Dress Code – Bad ass look! No Camo

Three Main Cartel bosses: Dress Code – shirt and tie or similar ( I will choose these characters )

Be part of the Action … 6 September 2020.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe … Dibs out!


The Super Cartel

Hi Battle Buddies

Three crime bosses, more powerful than the infamous Pablo Escobor … an Organisation bigger than both the Cali and Medellin Cartels combined … an Airsoft Game like no other.

We will take you to the jungles of Columbia to the Cafes and Coffee shops of upscale Bogota. To Cartel Mansions in Argentina and an epic finale battle in Panama!

This is the Super Cartel!

Be part of the Action … 6 September 2020.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe … Dibs out!


Operation Acid Gambit

Hi Battle Buddies

Our next epic scenario game … Operation Acid Gambit

During the height of the Panama Crisis, American CIA Operative, Kurt Muse has been arrested by the Panama Government. He has been held at the notorious Carcel Modelo Prison in Panama City.

Under the cover of “Operation Just Cause” (invasion of Panama City by America) 23 Delta Operators must rescue Muse!!!

Things go wrong as the extraction helicopter carrying the “precious cargo” Muse goes down.

“Can Delta extract “precious cargo” to safety or will they be outgunned by the oppressive Panama Government lead by Noriega.

Be part of the Action!!! coming August 23rd 2020 – make sure you book your spot!

Stay Strong, Stay Safe … Dibs out!


Mozambique Secret Conflict

Hi Battle Buddies

Following on from our successful scenario game on Sunday, 26 July 2020 with the conflict between the infamous Russian Wagner Group, we find ourselves in Mozambique. The Private Contractors, Black Water, who have close ties to the Donald Trump Organization are in Mozambique with their founder, Erick Prince, to try and broker a deal with the Wagner Group, widely known as Putins private army.

Will Prince be successful in brokering a deal or is this a trap? and if so, will Black Water Operators successfully extract Prince to Safety.

Be part of the Action!!! on the 9 August 2020 – make sure you book your spot!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong … Dibs out!

** Disclaimer – this is a fictional story and any similarities to real events cannot be confirmed or denied**


Airsoft during lockdown

Covid-19 Airsoft and the way forward

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know the world as we know it, is going through a transitional time under the global pandemic from the Corona Virus. Which has for the moment brought our beloved sport of Airsoft to a grinding halt.

In an effort, to distract players from the monotonous daily life of living under lockdown, we ran a ‘lockdown challenge’ for players, to post a picture of themselves doing their daily chores, kitted in their Airsoft gear.

A big thank you to all that participated. The panel of judges could not agree between the two best pics! so we decided to choose two winners. The winning pics are on the top of this page. Well done to Callsign StormTrooper and Callsign FlapJack.

A big thank you to the two sponsors Team Renegades and Walker War Game. All the players that sent in entries will receive a Covid-19 Challenge Patch. Also a big thank you to Riaan – Callsign Lord Raynor for the patch design.

As we move closer to the opportunity to play Airsoft during lockdown, I ask myself, how will the way we play Airsoft be impacted with the threat of Covid-19? And honestly, I do not think as much as you anticipate. Yes, we will have to implement a lot of safety measures, but just by the very nature of Airsoft as a sport, social distancing is quite possible. We are further spaced apart playing Airsoft, than going to your local grocer or bank! Indoor fields are not practical at the current level of the Covid-19 threat. But outdoor fields I believe, pose a low to acceptable threat. Let’s be honest Covid-19 is here stay for a long time, and we will have to measure everything we do in our lives by a certain risk level, whether it’s going to the grocery store, meeting friends, going for a walk or ordering something online.

On the practical side, field owners will have to limit player interaction as much as possible. There is and should be no physical touching of players. So absolutely no knife kills. Buildings themselves cannot be used, only the outside of structures may be used. This is to limit any contained exposure to possible Covid-19 droplets from other players that may be in the room or have moved through the room. There should be no medic rule, rather a re-spawn area or other method of getting a player back into the game once they have been shot.

On the issue of face masks.

Normal Airsoft face protection is to be worn. An Airsoft mask may not be completely sealed like a cloth mask but should provide a small measure of protection from other players. I don’t believe a sealed cloth mask is at all practical for Airsoft, yes it may provide more protection from droplets, but all that will occur is lot of fogging issues, which will lead to players touching their faces continuously to remove fogging issues, increasing their risk exposure.

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge for Airsoft during lockdown and risk exposure levels, is the social aspect. Safe areas and not the game field is where our risk levels can increase to unacceptable levels. The goal for field owners is to bring this threat down to an acceptable level.

For example:
  • Limit the number of players
  • All players would need to go through a screening process, which will involve temperature taking etc.
  • It will best to, have players kit up from their cars.
  • Players will also have to wear an acceptable cloth mask before and after the game
  • Ensure players keep a safe distance from each other

It will be very, important for players to be disciplined and self-regulate themselves to limit social contact. There are also risks on how to chrono players, but I think this will be easy to minimize this risk to an acceptable level.

I am always using the word acceptable as we cannot eliminate the risk completely. The only way to eliminate your risk for contracting Covid-19 is to just lock yourself indoors possibly for a few years.

Chatting to a prominent Airsoft Field Owner, he believes the best way forward is for us to first start with the Practice/Training Target Shooting. This could possibly involve running a timed shooting course. Players will then be marked on a point system. The key concern would be, to keep players actively involved during the course, of the day to avoid standing around and being tempted to socialize. Courses could be run on very tight time intervals and set program to follow for the day. Starting Airsoft in this manner, allows Field Owners to slowly phase in Airsoft in a safe and effective manner and can highlight any future risks that can be reduced and further open-up Airsoft. The next step in the new face of Airsoft, would be to create more open fields and faster game times. It will be some time before Airsoft can go back to truly scenario type game play. But we can be rest assured that the Field Owners are in regular talks with each other, to ensure that when we can go back to playing, any type of Airsoft, under the safest conditions possible.

I go back to my earlier point.

By the very nature of airsoft as a sport, social distancing is quite possible. There is talk of letting soccer and professional sports starting at level 3! Anyone that has watched soccer knows that there a lot of physical contact and I do not believe it is an acceptable risk to take. In Airsoft, generally players are three meters apart at a minimum.

In Conclusion

I am not saying let us drop all logic and rush out and play Airsoft like before. I do strongly believe with safety measures in place, that Airsoft is and can be, as risky as going to the local store, bank or even going to work. These are daily risks we all personally will have to weigh up in our lives, as we all have different risk profiles to consider for ourselves and our families.

I know I will get some players disagreeing with me and if you think I am way off the mark, please comment and let me know your thoughts both positive or negative.

Please understand these are my personal thoughts at, this point in time, and I reserve the right to be convinced otherwise or change my mind based on fear or new evidence.  I do not represent or speak on behalf of any club or persons.


Coronavirus hysteria calls its Hit!

Yes, it’s finally here in South Africa. To date we have 61 confirmed cases of infected persons in South Africa. Already numerous sporting and public events have been cancelled. If you follow Airsoft WhatsApp groups, you will see field owners are already implementing strategies to curb the possible spreading of the virus and limiting contact between players.

Now I have done quite a bit of research on the virus, and I am still not sure if this is scarier than the Black Plague or the Spanish flu of 1918 to hit us, or just media induced Hysteria!

What I do know is, this is still early days, and I believe the mass hysteria, warranted or not is going to grow.

So field owners are saying no kissing, hugging, no bro-hug (combination of a handshake and a one-armed hug.) Nooooo! Now I don’t know about you, but I love my bro-hugs and the odd hug from one of the female airsoft players, makes my day! What am I going to do to get my hug fix? An air high five from 1.5 meters with my battle buddies just won’t do. Blowing kisses across to a female player is just going to get me into a shallow grave from my wife.

But me getting the Coronavirus, could be the worse thing ever for my wife. Your Wife? You’re asking? Yes, when I get the even deadlier Man Flu, I am immediately Man Down! Medic! Light the candles! Fetal position! Heaven help her if I got the Coronavirus.

Okay guys but let’s get a little serious now. My concern is not the Coronavirus, it’s what it does to the system, that is the biggest threat. A complete halt and just shut down of everything, is way more scarier for me. The South African economy is so fragile as it is, are we going to survive this? As a small business owner I am/was slowing coming out of the disastrous financial situation we where in last year, and now I have to deal with the Coronavirus!

Is closing everything warranted? My gut feel, it is going to do more harm than good. I feel following sensible normal hygiene rituals is the way to go. Yea, let us keep our distance from each other, wash our hands regularly, don’t go into public if you feel sick, etc. If you have underlying health problems, you more than most should stay safe, as you are most at risk. 80% of us who get the Coronavirus will have flu symptoms and recover, for the other 20% who have underlying health problems you can develop serious complications and will need hospitalization.

Is life worth living without Airsoft? Hell No! Am I doing to risk it and play! Hell Yea!

Airsoft family please be sensible and put everything in perspective. Follow the new measures implemented by field owners, and let’s continue our awesome sport.

Air high five to you all! Okay, I must go wash my hands now.


Not About The Win!

Are you one of those players or teams, that’s needs to know all the details, about the mission or objective. I am not talking about the general out line of the mission and objectives, I am talking about the person or team, that questions every detail that he or she may try and exploit.

Let’s give an example; “Downed pilot game’’ one team must rescue downed pilot opposing team must capture the downed pilot. Now are you the player or team, that wants to know where the other teams extraction point is, and all you do is go to that point to ensure they cannot extract, or are you the player or team, that plays the objective to either rescue the pilot or capture the pilot?

My point is, it’s not all about winning the game, it’s how you play the game that matters. Yea I know you screaming at me saying that’s such a cliche! Give me a moment to explain with another example. The game director takes the time to give you in depth characters to play, but instead of playing the characters role, you choose to manipulate the role to try ensure your team wins at all costs.

I have played some of my best games within character, and still getting mine and my teams arse kicked. And we leave that game saying shit! that was so much fun!

Yea winning is great, but playing, no I mean really playing the game! Is the real win.

Please press on the my post and leave some comments, or leave some suggestions about any airsoft related topic you would like me to cover.


Why I hate the Bang Rule!

Firstly, what is the bang or freeze rule? The bang or freeze rule, is a safety rule that is to be implemented when players suddenly, find themselves accidentally within the fields minimum engagement distance for the Airsoft weapon they are using. The word bang or freeze is shouted, while the player is pointing the Airsoft weapon, in the direction of the player that he or she is intended to freeze or bang. This represents one pull of the trigger and the receiving player will call the hit. Simply put, you come around the corner and there is player 2 meters in front of you, you point your Airsoft weapon at them and shout bang or freeze. The other player almost dies of an heart attack! and is all to happy to call the hit.

Now that we understand what the bang or freeze rule is, let me explain why I have come to hate the rule. 

Firstly, I believe it shouldn’t be called a rule but rather a courtesy. The courtesy being that you are calling bang, because you have accidentally found yourself too close to pull the trigger of your Airsoft weapon, and pulling the trigger could potentially cause some serious pain.

Bang/Freeze Gripes

Gripe 1:  

A Player tries to bang you from a distance, where they should have just taking the shot.

Gripe 2:

You run past a door way or an opening and someone shouts bang. The chances of them hitting you would have been almost zero.

Gripe 3:

Someone shouts bang or freeze when you are behind a bush or an obstruction.

Gripe 4:

Someone shouts bang and says “I can see your foot”. For heavens sake if you can see my foot, shoot it! and that would be the end of the engagement.

Gripe 5:

Two players shout bang at each other, and then proceed to have a long discussion about who is going to take the hit, while all the other players must stand around and stop play, until they have finished their discussion.

How players using the bang or freeze rule dictates the flow of the game. And if players would only use the rule correctly, we would have less confrontations between players and a smooth flowing game.