Hi Battle buddies

The week has started chilly but I guarantee the heat will be on for Sunday’s scenario game … The Super Cartel!

We will start in the Jungles of Colombia, where ICE Agents and Colombian Commandos take the fight to the source of there problem, the drug lords jungle growing fields, guarded by battle hardened Cartel private armies.

The action will then move to the upscale streets of Bogota. This is where ICE Agents set up a sting operation to capture the three infamous Cartel members, in an attempt to bring down the Super Cartel.

The Finale will take place in an upscale Mansion in Argentina. ICE Agents and DEA supported by local military make there final push on the Super Cartel.

Factions Available:

ICE Agents: Dress Code – civilian cloths with chest rig.

Colombian Commandos: Dress Code – Military Camo

Cartel fighters: Dress Code – Bad ass look! No Camo

Three Main Cartel bosses: Dress Code – shirt and tie or similar ( I will choose these characters )

Be part of the Action … 6 September 2020.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe … Dibs out!

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