Hi Battle Buddies

The Matrix Code has revealed the Shadow Forces next diabolical plan to keep us in the FEAR!

Using H.A.A.R.P technology and 5G satellites, the illusion of an Asteroid entering Earths Atmosphere will push the already fragile Human Population further down the White Rabbit’s Path.

Can the Oracle Forces take down the H.A.A.R.P. Facility in time and reveal yet another great illusion created by the Shadow Forces.

The Race for the fate of Humanity lies in exposing of the hidden AGENDA to the rest of the World. Step into the Matrix … choose between the RED or BLUE pill … being AWAKE or ASLEEP!

The FATE of humanity lies in your hands to prevent the World plunging into Deeper Chaos!

Connect to your Golden Frequency!!! Break FREE of the MATRIX and choose your Path!!!

You have to LET IT all GO. FEAR, DOUBT and DISBELIEF.


Be part of the ULTIMATE game to save the HUMAN RACE – Sunday, 1 November 2020

Be Strong … Stay True … Dibs Out

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