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Navy Seal Motto

Sea, Air and Land “Seal Team” – Are you tough enough to be a hardened Seal Team Member or are you going to show the World by being an Adversary, that the Seal Teams are not as invincible as they are portrayed!

Episode 2 of Seal Teams

Invasion of Grenada

On 12 October 1983

During the ever increasing violence in Grenada and growing concerns for the presence of 1000 American Medical Students living in Grenada, and in the midst of the Cold War.

Grenada’s extreme left Government, and the Americans belief that they were building a Run Way to aide the Cuban and Soviet Militaries.

On the 25 October 1983, the United States invaded Grenada under Operation Urgent Fury.

Seal Team 6 had two missions to secure regime change:

  • Secure Governor General Paul Scoon’s Mansion and move him and his family to safety.
  • Capture Grenada’s long distance Radio Transmitter. And then broadcast to the Nation declaring America’s intervention both legal and desired.

Be part of the Action – Sunday, 17 January 2021

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PS Remember where there is Risk there should be Choice!

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