Specialist Tactical Airsoft Games – The ultimate next step in Airsoft Gaming!

True force on force game play for the Airsoft player looking for the next level.

As true as it can gets without firing a real steel weapon.

Are you that Airsoft Player looking for the most realistic experience ever?

Dibs Airsoft Events introduces STAG, the next level of Airsoft!

What is STAG?

**Stag is an event for own gear players only

**Comms highly recommended

**Mid caps only

**Limited ammo (game dependent)

**Realistic medic rules

**Game intel will be provided before hand or at a strategic location. You will be required to form a base of operations and leadership on intel that is provided to you.

**There will be no game briefs.

**Map reading will be required

**Strict dress codes will be required

Do you choose to take the next step, and play the most realistic Airsoft Games EVER?

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