Hi Battle Buddies

Our next Scenario game takes us into the north west corner of South Vietnam.

Nestled in steep ravine and thick jungles, rests the now small peaceful Valley of Khe Sanh. But from January 21st to March 16th of 1967, the area set the scene for some of most highly publicized and bitterly fought battles of the Vietnam War.

For 70 days and nights, 6000 marines have to hold out a besieging North Vietnamese Army of 20 000.

This will be an Airsoft battle of hard gained battle territory.

Are you prepared to pay tribute and walk in the foot steps of the men and women who fought in one of the most controversial wars of all time?

Whether you play the invading out numbered US marines or battle hardened NVA, this will be an Airsoft Game that tests the true battle readiness in you.

Be part of the Action … 20 September 2020.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe … Dibs out!

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