Are you one of those players or teams, that’s needs to know all the details, about the mission or objective. I am not talking about the general out line of the mission and objectives, I am talking about the person or team, that questions every detail that he or she may try and exploit.

Let’s give an example; “Downed pilot game’’ one team must rescue downed pilot opposing team must capture the downed pilot. Now are you the player or team, that wants to know where the other teams extraction point is, and all you do is go to that point to ensure they cannot extract, or are you the player or team, that plays the objective to either rescue the pilot or capture the pilot?

My point is, it’s not all about winning the game, it’s how you play the game that matters. Yea I know you screaming at me saying that’s such a cliche! Give me a moment to explain with another example. The game director takes the time to give you in depth characters to play, but instead of playing the characters role, you choose to manipulate the role to try ensure your team wins at all costs.

I have played some of my best games within character, and still getting mine and my teams arse kicked. And we leave that game saying shit! that was so much fun!

Yea winning is great, but playing, no I mean really playing the game! Is the real win.

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